Michael Byrne – Democrat

Photo: Michael Byrne smiles and looks at the cameraCity where I live: Parkdale
Skills: Lot’s of experience as a working class family man looking out for those in need and in making our communities safe and welcoming for everyone.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: A pencil, an apple, and a chalkboard with "ABC" written on it, and the label "K - 12." 1. Education must be a priority. Each student matters and deserves every chance to be successful. Individual Educational Plans must be available and implemented fully.
Icon: The sun, a lightning bolt, and a wind turbine in a grassy field 2. Good Jobs in Renewable Energy are Essential. Both to combat climate change and create good paying jobs.


Icon: A picture of the USA, with a physician symbol on it. 3.Health Care is a Right and Medicaid and Medicare must be protected and expanded to include all Americans.