Ben Lavine – Democrat

Photo:  Ben Lavine smiles and looks at the cameraCity where I live: Portland
Skills: Degree from Portland State University. I have worked with various local campaigns, and I am passionate about working for progressive reforms.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: A picture of the Statue of Liberty. 1. Reducing the immoral level of wealth inequality in the US. The richest 1% have incredible wealth, while the working people struggle.
Icon: People sitting at a long meeting table, with an X over them, and the label "Greed." 2. Enacting Congressional term limits. Our leaders pay more attention to the wishes of their donors, instead of the wishes of the voters.
Icon: The US with a medical cross 3.Implementing Medicare for All. Nobody should be cursed with a lifetime of debt, just because they got sick.