Michael E Stansfield – Democrat

Photo: Michael Stansfield smiles and looks away from camera City where I live: Tualatin
Skills: Love

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: Various religious symbols 1. My mother is Jewish, but my wife is Arabic. At birth I took my son to temple to be redeemed as part of his Jewish heritage. The Rabbi told me, we don’t redeem half-breeds, because my wife was an Arab and not a descendant of Israel.
Icon: Three people hold hands. One is wearing pants, one is wearing a skirt, and one is using a wheelchair. The label reads "Civil Rights." 2. I asked him, “In the Bible it says that the Jewish nation took money from the temple and sold the nation of Israel to the Assyrians long ago. How do you know the Arabs are not Israel?” Racism seeks to raise one race by lowering that of another.
3.All this hate because my Jewish family could not look at my Arab family as an equal. We could have been friends. Sometimes to change the world it is not about winning, but just being able to stand-up and say there is something wrong with the world.