James (Jim) Crary – Democrat

Photo: James (Jim) Crary smiles and looks at camera City where I live: Ashland
Skills: Municipality of Anchorage’s Law Department – where I served as a prosecutor, did insurance defense, and did contracts and procurement. 17 years writing & negotiating contracts for BP.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: The United States, with a dollar bill sign and a stock line going up and down behind it 1. Get big money out of politics by having public financing of elections (so people elected represent their constituents not their big dollar, special interest, corporate donors)
Icon: A physician's staff with the label "Medicare." 2. Medicare for all is the answer to our healthcare problems. It will save money and more importantly it will save lives.


Icon: An image of the earth, with waves radiating from it. 3. Address climate change with either a carbon tax or a cap and trade bill. We no longer have the luxury of not addressing climate change; we need to get off of fossil fuels now!