Eric Hafner – Democrat

City where I live: Toms River, NJ
Skills: I have worked as a labor union organizer, criminal defense consultant, advisor to foreign diplomats, hotel manager, and advised a town on medical marijuana. I am also a Rastafari Ordained Minister. My skills make it easy to help people.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: A marijuana leaf with the word Rx on it1. Marijuana helps sick people. It should be legal for everyone. Pot is good. I use medical marijuana for my own health.


Icon: A woman, Caption: Pro Choice2. Women should have the right to abortion. The government must respect women and LGBT people as equal human beings with rights.


Icon: Three people hold hands. One is wearing pants, one is wearing a skirt, and one is using a wheelchair. The label reads "Civil Rights."3. Everyone needs civil rights. We need better civil rights laws to help protect people with disabilities and raise the cash amount paid for SSI and SSDI payments, while making the application process faster and more friendly to people.