Ballot Measure 96

Title: Amends Constitution: Dedicates 1.5% of state lottery net proceeds to funding support services for Oregon veterans
How much would it cost? $0 for state government. It will cost the lottery fund $9.3 million between 2017-2019. It will pay for veterans’ services like housing, employment, education, accessing benefits, and veterans’ service officers. Right now the lottery money is spent on economic development and public education. It will not affect the Educational Stability Fund or the Parks and Natural Resources Fund.
Icon: Thumbs upPeople for this say:
Oregon has 350,000 veterans. They need help with housing, jobs, disability services, suicide prevention, and mental health services. 5,000 veterans are homeless in Oregon. 250,000 veterans are not recognized by the federal U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA). Veterans have to wait years to get services from the VA. Right now veterans use state social services instead. By using this lottery money, Oregon can help them get $4 billion in federal benefits. Oregon can help veterans with temporary housing, economic development, emergency assistance, and more. The state will save money on social services and use it on other things.
Icon: Thumbs downPeople against this say:
This ballot measure will change the Oregon Constitution. If the Legislature needs to balance the budget, they can’t change how this money is spent. Other things like education might lose money. The ballot measure does not say how the state will help get federal money. It does not say if the state will lose general fund money.