Marvin Sandnes – Pacific Green

Photo: Marvin SandnesCity where I live: Salem
Skills: BS in Soc. Sci. from PSU, Small Business Owner in the Willamette Valley since 1967, currently own and manage property. Restored the Old West Salem City Hall and wrote the successful nomination to the National Registry.


3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: The United States, with a dollar bill sign and a stock line going up and down behind it 1. 1) Withdraw, immediately, from Afghanistan. $100 billion spent every yr., 52,328 US bombs and missiles dropped on Islamic countries in the last 365 days. 80 % of the casualties are women and children.

Icon: Two nuclear reactors 2. Re-direct Defense spending, talent, and resources to address the Fukushima catastrophe: 100,000 gal. of radioactive waste pour into the Pacific every day, the technology to fix does not exist.

Icon: A doctor wearing a head mirror and with a medical cross on their chest holds a sheet of paper with a medical cross and writing. 3.Single Payer Health Coverage