Daniel Zene Crowe – Republican

Photo: Daniel CroweCity where I live: Mount Angel
Skills: After going to college at West Point, I served as a career Army Officer and Judge Advocate (Military Lawyer); I now am proud to work at the Public Defender’s Office caring for people who struggle with homelessness, mental illness, and addiction.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: People sitting at a long meeting table, with an X over them, and the label "Greed."1. I will keep politicians from stealing your money and hurting our people through greed, theft, and not doing their job. Oregon deserves an Attorney General who will make politicians obey the law. I will protect you and your family.

Icon: Prisoner in between jail door and prison guard, caption: Prison/Rehab2. I will change the way we deal with people who have mental illness and drug addiction by caring for them instead of putting them in jail. I work with homeless people, and those who struggle with addiction, in the Public Defender’s Office in Portland.

Icon: Three people hold hands. One is wearing pants, one is wearing a skirt, and one is using a wheelchair. The label reads "Civil Rights."3.I will make sure every disabled person is protected and given a fair chance to work, study, and marry who they want. As the father of an amazing daughter who happens to be disabled, I know how important every person is. I want to be Oregon’s Lawyer.