Ballot Measure 99

Title: Creates “Outdoor School Education Fund,” continuously funded through Lottery, to provide outdoor school programs statewide

How much would it cost? $0 for state government. It will cost the lottery fund $22 million every year. It will go to the Outdoor Education Account. It will pay for a 6-day outdoor  school program for fifth and sixth graders. Right now the lottery money goes to the Department of Administrative Services Economic Stability Fund. It will not affect the Educational Stability Fund or the Parks and Natural Resources Fund.
Icon: Thumbs upPeople for this say:
Outdoor School programs help students do better in school, go to school more often, and learn more. Students get hands-on experience. Students learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields. Right now, half of students can’t go to Outdoor School. This will help pay for everyone to go to Outdoor School. It will not raise taxes. It will create 600 jobs. Students will connect to Oregon’s natural resources and learn about protecting them.
Icon: Thumbs downPeople against this say:
The bill will take away funding for economic development. The funding helps small Oregon businesses. This will hurt jobs. The state will lose money from income taxes. This will hurt the state’s social services. The school districts that get money for Outdoor School will be chosen by a committee. The committee will not be accountable to the public. This will create more bureaucracy.