James (Jim) Crary, Democrat

Photo: James (Jim) CraryCity where I live: Ashland
Skills: 21 months in the Army (1972-73)
B.B.A. from Pac. Luth. Univ. (76)
J.D. from Univ. of San Diego School of Law (80)
Municipality of Anchorage’s Law Dept. (82-97)
BP’s Procurement Dept. (97-2013). Worked in Anchorage on the North Slope & Algeria.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: The United States, with a dollar bill sign and a stock line going up and down behind it1. Campaign Finance Reform (aka. Get “Big Money” out of politics)



Icon: An image of the earth, with waves radiating from it.2. Combat Climate Change



Icon: Two people shaking hands, with a briefcase in the middle, briefcase has dollar sign on it, both people are on top of the map of the United States3. Close the income inequality gap